Grahorn Droverson


Grahorn is an average build human with tanning smooth skin dark brown eyes and solid flowing black hair, which is austonishing for his old age. He stands at 5 foot 10 inches and roughly weighs 145 pounds and appears to be in his 60’s. Despite his old age many have described him as young at heart and spirit, infact he is easily mistaken for a young man without visual aid. Carrying a conversation with Grahorn would lead you to believe him to be very wise. However, he does not seem to remember anything before the day in which he stumbled into the town of Thisle Wood. Those who do not have an ear for such things would simply dismiss it for his old age. Though the faithful or more experienced sences this blank spot in his memory as a sign of a messiah. The town elders speak by the camp fires at night about the tale of Grahorn the Blessed One walking from amidst the forests fog; rescuing the deprived townsfolk from the grips of starvation and thirst. Simply for their devotion to Eldath. According to such fables, Grahorn’s age should reside in the 90’s; for this the unfaithful or outsiders believe it to be fairy tales for the children. Of course Grahorn’s actual age is unknown, even to himself, perhaps he simply reached a xenith in serenity which maintains a youthful body compared to his real age. Grahorn’s robes and staff are the purist of white; each raidiate with a divine essence. Though little is known about these relics, again even by Grahorn himself, the powers they posses have been reflected in the creation of what the city is today.


Priest of Eldath

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Grahorn Droverson

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