Mayor's Home

The mayor’s home is actually a manor of the same design of the house across the street and the town office; though structured diffrently for some uniqueness. Its design has remained the same sence the day of its construction over 80 years ago. Inside this mansion lays a thiefs fantasy get away. Everything from the simple decor to the funiture in lined with gold and or encrusted with jewels. Most paintings here illustrate great moments in the Dravon family history. There are some areas of the manor that posses an eerie feel to them. Some guests have been reported running out of the house screaming in horror, only to be subdued before they could speak. Becuase of this, 20 years ago Mayor Cruet Dravon decreed a banning from anyone in the house besides himself or Grahorn the priest. The Mayor still lives in the home and seems to be undisturbed by such acts. Many believe that the house is haunted by the Dravon family. Whatever the case, Mayor Cruet never mentions any issues.


Cruet Dravon

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Mayor's Home

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