The Barracks


The Barracks is located in the 3rd section neighoring the mayors house. This fortified manor houses the guild of guardsmen known as The Shielded Warriors. The outside of this structure is lined with patches of plated steel. The roof of the building makes for good archer positioning with murder wholes. Also on the roof are 4 ballistas; a haevy artillery added by Commander Daveck Silverkin 15 years ago. The barracks, along with the strategic conversion of the Chapel of Edalth, has turn the peaceful community of Thistle Wood into a defensive post for Neverwinter; atleast it would seem that way. The inside of the barracks is broken down into 4 simple rooms. The largest room contains the beds and personal storage for each member. The next largest room is the armory, which contains a seemingly unlimited supply of long bows, arrows, longswords, heavy shields, and tower shields, each standered issue to a Shielded Warrior. The next room in line is a simple dry storage for food and various other necessities; most of the guards men are fed in the town office. The next room is a shrine dedicated to Tempus, a highly detailed painting of some massive battle consumes a wall off this room. The painting is surrounded by candles and is prayed to daily by the Shielded Warriors. Many of the townsfolk believe that it is becuase of the worshiping of Tempus that the town has been converted into the stronghold that it is today. Some conspiracy theorists proclaim that the town fortification is due to a highly anticipated attack from Netheril after the fall of Cormyr. Which ever the case, the forest is unhappy with the construction, many, if not all, believe it deserves the blame for the arachnid attcks.


Commandor Daveck Silverkin


The Shielded Warriors

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The Barracks

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