The Chapel of Eldath


The chapel is surrounded by statuette fountains of ever flowing purified water. The drinking of this water puts the drinker into an almost narcotic tranquility. Though the drinker is still capable of functioning in any task, a peaceful mind sweeps over them and all worry or concern is gone. The statues carved in these fountains are all men and women, of human and elvan races, and are all in poses of complete relaxation. The vegetation around the chapel grows with such grace as if it has never been tampered with by even the smallest pest. The fruits that these elegant stocks produce say to have the capability of feeding a man for a day from a single bite. The seemingly stone used to carv this stucture has been smoothed to a point that makes it gleem. Though this almost palace was made by merchants, it would seem the finest artisans had their hand in its making. Inside this humble sanctuary resides many more statuesque fountains and gardens. The pure white tile, polished so that a recflection can be cast, lines the floor in many symbolic runes of a more peaceful time. Pillers line the great hall to an alter for the priest.


Grahorn Droverson

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The Chapel of Eldath

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