Thistle Wood


Cruet Dravon


71 Humans, 3 Half-Elfs, 1 Dwarf, 1 Elf


Thistle Wood is an extremely small town located a few days ride to the east of Waterdeep. It rests snuggly inside a dence forest known as The Hibernated Forest. the town was origanally founded by a band of travelling merchants on there way to Waterdeep 7 years after the spell-plague. They decided to rest amongst the thick brush of the forest. They camped in one spot for several weeks due to the forests seemingly relaxing effect. Also this band of merchants relized how safe the forest was, they even went days without posting watches during rests, they claimed the forest was just a sleep. So, naturally these merchants named the forest and took refuge in it instead of the chaotic city life Waterdeep had to offer. The town at first was kept secret due to the overwelming demand for sanctuary from the spell plague. Upon completion of the 1st part of the town, they decided to dedicate the town to the diety Eldath, for the forests serenity. The chapel was built 10 years after the towns completion and once finished, Thisle Wood started geting noticed. A rich family by the name of Dravon, were sick of the state of Waterdeep and simply found Thistle Wood by a rumor. Once found, they took great investment in the town and added a third section, which would be used to build their own housing, they added extreme diffensive measures to the town by surrounding it with a stronger wall which included a great stone wall around the chapel, for they planned the chapel to be a greaat stronghold during attack. Also the family dotted the town with towers lined with murder wholes. Next the family hired many mercineries to aid in guarding the town. Though this took away from the peace for a good 4 years of loud construction and large amounts of contracted laborers from Waterdeep. The town of Thistle Wood was no longer a secret but, mostly due to the towns passivism, they were grateful. After 10 years of living in Thisle Wood the Dravon family appointed the eldest son, Cruet Dravon, as mayor. Swayed by the peace of the forest and the people, the Dravon family avoided corruption but felt a need for leadership in the dark times ahead. The people of Thistle Wood apathetically agreed.

Present Day:

In the modern time, the original families have been pushed to poveritish states. Majority of the middle class are newer families or merchants from Waterdeep and surround The Market. The Dravon family dominate the 3rd section which now includes The Barracks and The Town Office. Cruet Dravon is still Mayor but is seeking a replacement for his retirement. The Hibernated Forest has been awakened. Many of the worshipers of Eldath credit the rage of the forest to the lack of restfulness to the town. Though the forest still posseses a calming effect on those who enter and the area is still alot more peacful than Waterdeep, but the creatures of the forest are now on the prowl. The worst of these critters have actually entered the city. A hoard of bizaar aracnids are crawling around the city at night and abducting people, even full grown adults.


Dieties Worshiped:


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Thistle Wood

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