The Lazy Meadow


The Lazy Meadow is your typical roudy pub; Kalgor Kilems being the roudiest, which he is seen here every breakfest, lunch, and dinner. Typically you will not find any of the orignal families in The Lazy Meadow, due to the ruckus. The proprietor of the pub is a young looking man named Marlamin Gellant. He is said to be a music lover so he added a stage for performers to please the crowds. The shop is ran only by Marlamin, but guards are given their first few rounds of ale on the house to keep the brawling at bay. The Lazy Meadow is also an in, a few small room upstairs for those staying the night and small housing availabe for a little extra in the back of the pub.


Marlamin Gellant

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The Lazy Meadow

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